Kasu only lends to high creditworthy business borrowers, enhanced by technology that delivers superior risk-adjusted returns.

DeFi Liquidity Providers

earn highly attractive yields that are risk optimised and otherwise only available to sophisticated and institutional investors.

DeFi Liquidity Providers - Creditworthy Businesses
Creditworthy Businesses

get more than just capital....they benefit from technology that enhances cash flow to improve their credit risk.

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Effortlessly simple and elegant User Experience
Effortlessly simple and elegant User Experience
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Real Utility meets Real World Yield

KSU token
KSU token
The KASU (KSU) token has REAL utility.
  • Capital Withdrawal and Deposit Priority: Locked KSU (rKSU) determines withdrawal  and deposit priority.
  • Fee Sharing: rKSU offers a share of Kasu protocol fees, ranging from one month up to two years with a fee share multiplier. 
  • Yield Bonuses: rKSU receives time-based yield bonuses with a loyalty and weight multiplier.